Champion Irony

Champion Irony

Irony of Day’s Memory Loss

Day survives unimaginable suffering, in the form of poverty, war, and disease, and finally comes out of the war, but loses his memory.

Irony of the Colonies

The Colonies are viewed as a sanctuary for those fleeing the Republic, and are seen to be less brutal and less corrupt. In fact, the Colonies end up attacking the Republic, thus going back on a ceasefire, and cause far more destruction than the Republic does in the final battle.

Irony of Thomas

June sees Thomas as a monster who killed her brother and who is heartless and cruel. In fact, he reveals himself to be much more complicated than June originally thought, and reveals that he did have strong feelings for Metias. He dies fighting Commander Jameson and her allies, proving himself to be much less of a monster than June originally thought.

Irony of Eden

Eden is the weakest member of Day’s family, as a child with little physical strength or experience defending himself on the streets. In spite of this, he survives longer than the rest of Day’s family, surviving disease and attacks that his oldest brother and his mother don’t.

Irony of Day and Anden's Relationship

Day and Anden represent two vastly different places in the Republic, as Day is a criminal from the slums and Anden is the wealthy son of a politician. They also each represent a person vying for June's affections. Both of these would be reasons for them to dislike each other, but they end up becoming good friends, who work well together and advise each other in matters of war and politics.

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