Candide Character List


the proprietor of the castle of Westphalia and father of Miss Cunégonde


protagonist and illegitimate son of the Baron's sister

Miss Cunégonde

daughter of the Baron of Westphalia


tutor and oracle of the household

Old woman

benefactor to Candide after his separation from Pangloss, formerly a princess who has suffered unspeakable tragedies

Jacques the Anabaptist

benefactor to Candide killed during a shipwreck


maidservant to the Baroness, one-time lover of Pangloss who re-appears toward the end of the story in Venice with Friar Giroflee

Don Issachar

Jewish merchant to whom Miss Cunégonde is sold, later killed by Candide in a confrontation over Miss Cunégonde

The Grand Inquisitor

lover to Miss Cunégonde whom Candide kills in cold blood

Franciscan priest

steals Miss Cunégonde's jewels at the tavern near Cadiz, later executed by the Grand Inquisitor

Don Fernando

Buenos Ayres governor who aggressively pursues Miss Cunégonde and keeps her as a mistress

Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh / Reverend Father Commandant

Miss Cunégonde's brother who twice refuses to consent to the marriage between his sister and Candide


Candide's trusted travel guide and companion sent to liberate Miss Cunégonde from Governor Don Fernando's custody

Sultan Achmet

second slavemaster of Cacambo whom Candide pays to secure Cacambo's liberty

Mynheer Vanderdendur

a Dutch trader who steals Candide's fortune and later dies; slavemaster whose brutality causes Candide to lose faith in the doctrine of optimism espoused by Pangloss

Abbé of Périgord

host to Candide in Paris who brings him to a theatrical performance

Miss Clairon

lead actress in the theatrical performance, a ravishing beauty who closely resembles Miss Cunégonde

Marchioness of Parolignac

guest at Miss Clairon's party who seduces Candide

Man of Letters

dubbed a "second Pangloss," anonymous guest at Miss Clairon's party who dazzles Candide with his intellectual brilliance


poor German philosopher whom Candide hires to keep him company on his travels in the latter half of the story

Friar Giroflee

lover to Paquette in Venice whose parents have forced him to lead a miserable life in a monastery

Senator Pococurante

a wealthy man who dislikes everything he possesses and lambastes the great geniuses of Western literature


Transylvanian prince and slavemaster of Miss Cunégonde in Constantinople