Call Me By Your Name

Timothy has a wrapped bandage around his chest under an open shirt.

This occurs in the scene where Elio and Oliver stop and ask an older woman for a drink of water.

It can be seen in a photo from the scene.

NOTE** It has nothing to do with the actual movie storyline. It seems that perhaps Timothy was wearing a bandage (for whatever reason) and the bandage got caught in a photo from that scene.

I am just being curious what the wrap/bandage across his chest is from??

Maybe it was later deleted and a new shot, with a pull over shirt was added.

I need to watch the movie yet again, as I have searched and cannot find any other photos with the same shorts/shirt on Elio.

Thanx from marie in Philly.

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I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for text specific questions. The only thing I've been able to find in the novel that somewhat matches the description you've provided can be found on page seventy in the text. Oliver exposes a "huge scrap and bruise on his left hip" that he received during a fall from his bicycle.


Call Me By Your Name