Caleb Williams Characters

Caleb Williams Character List

Caleb Williams

Caleb is employed by a man given to dark moods and bad temper. Caleb is moved to discover the cause of his employer’s personality which stands in direct contrast to his own. His mind is perhaps a bit too enquiring for his own good as once he manages to understand the source of his boss’ darkness, he becomes something of a prisoner to the man. He does manage to escape, but that freedom becomes a long, dark journey in itself in which Caleb’s life seems to be under the control of dark agents that almost seem to be intent on destroying the one thing which he values above all else: his good name.

Ferdinando Falkland

The employer of Caleb Williams whose protection of his own good name lies at the heart of the mystery surrounding his dark moods and volatile temper. Most of the time, Falkland is actually a very good man to have for a boss; he is cultured and considerate. Once Caleb tries to insinuate his quizzical nature into the mysterious background of Mr. Falkland, however, all bets are off the table and Falkland situates Caleb into the position of a prisoner of intrigue. Ultimately, the dark secret of Falkland’s dark moods prove to be the crucible by which both men gain a sort of redemption.

Barnabas Tyrrel

Barnabas Tyrrel is the other major player in the dark secret lying at the heart of Falkland’s history. Tyrrel is the cock of the walk in the village where Falkland returns to after having studied abroad. The two men instantly start to rub each other the wrong way and the ultimate outcome of the ultimate showdown between them leaves Tyrrel dead and Falkland cleared of murder, but with a stain of suspicion upon his name.

Emily Melvile

Emily is Tyrrell’s cousin whose life is saved by Falkland on not just one occasion. The gratitude expressed by Emily toward Falkland sticks in the craw of her cousin, Tyrrell. Emily’s place in the middle of this bizarre triangle ultimately results in her death by Tyrrel through consistent and continual demonstrations of cruelty.


When Caleb escapes from the prison that Falkland has created for him, he falls in with a gang of thieves. Gines is actually the primary mechanism at work behind Caleb’s inability to clear his name rather Falkland. Of course, it is the fact that Caleb has been imprisoned—and not just by Falkland—that has created the darkest stain upon his name. If Tyrrell is Falkland’s nemesis, then certainly Gines would be identified as the nemesis of Caleb Williams.

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