Buried Child

Buried Child Metaphors and Similes

“That’s the kind of statement that leads people right to the end of their rope.” (Metaphor)

After Dodge tells Halie that he doesn't enjoy anything, she becomes upset with him for being so negative. She suggests that that kind of statement is one that "leads people right to the end of their rope," a metaphor meaning that such a nihilistic statement could really put another person on edge and upset them.

"He was blind with love" (Metaphor)

In talking about her dead son, Ansel, Halie suggests that, even though his wife was not compatible with him, being Catholic and Italian, Ansel was "blind with love." This metaphor suggests that Ansel could not be logical in his romantic decision because love and desire had impaired his judgment, "blinding" him.

"I couldn't tell him she was a witch" (Metaphor)

This is another metaphor Halie uses in talking about Ansel's wife. Instead of describing what she didn't like about the woman, Halie insists that "she was a witch," which is meant to signify that the woman was evil and had ulterior motives.

I just don’t wanna go in there with you giggling your head off” (Metaphor)

Before they go into the house, Shelly is laughing hysterically about how American and wholesome it all is. Vince uses a metaphor, which has become a common idiom—"laughing your head off"—to describe the fact that Shelly is laughing so hard.

“His name doesn’t mean a hoot in hell to me. Not a tinkle in the well.” (Metaphor)

When Shelly questions Dodge about the details of his family tree, Dodge uses these two metaphors to describe how little he cares about his forgotten offspring.