Brown Girl, Brownstones Characters

Brown Girl, Brownstones Character List

Selina Boyce

The titular "Brown Girl," Selina is a 10 year old immigrant girl who lives in a Brownstone in Brooklyn with her Barbadian family. The novel follows her experiences and her coming of age.

Deighton Boyce

Deighton is Selina's father and inherits a plot of land back in his native Barbados, which leads to conflict between Silla and himself. He later loses an arm in a factory accident and drowns after falling off a ship on his way back to Barbados.

Silla Boyce

Selina's mother and the wife of Deighton Boyce. She is cheated on by Deighton and plots to have his land sold behind his back, which she successfully manages to do so.

Ina Boyce

Ina is Selina's sister with whom she has a falling out with over their opinions on their father.

Miss Thomson

Miss Thomson is Selina's confidant and acts as a motherly figure towards her. She also confronts Silla about acting behind Deighton's back.

Miss Mary

One of Selina's closest friends and another tenant of the same brownstone she lives in. She passes away just as Silla is about to evict her.


Another of Selina's closest friends who is also a tenant in the same brownstone she lives in. She is evicted by Silla after Silla becomes the owner of the brownstone.


An artist ten years Selina's senior whom she meets when she is in college. He shares her worldview but breaks her heart when he reveals that he never intended to elope with her.

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