Broken April Background

Broken April Background

Ismail Kadare wrote Broken April, which was first published during 1978 and was later published during 2003 by Vintage. Broken April is a haunting story about the negative consequences of taking vengeance into one's own hands. Living by the code of Kanun, protagonist Gjorg is forced to kill his brother's murderer, yet faces the risk of being hunted down and killed himself. To make matters worse, Gjorg becomes friends with a couple who run the risk of being caught in the crossfire of his vengeful tactics.

Some readers find this book too painful to enjoy regarding the dark story plot and confusion about the historical context of its setting as well as events. Other readers find the haunting nature of this story plot magnetic, which is intensified by the descriptive and poetic style of Kadare's writing.

Kadare is of an Albanian background, which had a significant impact on this novel's development. Besides being a novelist, he is a short story writer and poet who has been making literary strides since the 1960s. He has won several literary awards, such as the 2009 inaugural Man Booker International Prize and the 2015 Jerusalem Prize.

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