Brighton Rock Background

Brighton Rock Background

Brighton Rock was written by Graham Greene, which tells the story of gang war taking place in the dark depths of Brighton. It was first published during 1938 and was published again during 2004 by Vintage Classics. Furthermore, this story highlights tension between characters Pinkie and Ida Arnold after Pinkie's murderous actions offend Ida to the point of vengeance.

Some readers say this book is somewhat hyped up and find it difficult to empathize with the characters. On the other hand, some readers consider this book a delightful noir that provides a vivid narrative of gang life during the early 1900s.

Greene was an English novelist, short story writer, travel writer, playwright, screenplay writer, and critic. He sought to delve into the social, moral, and political nature of the modern era, uncovering a deeper understanding of its significance. Greene did have a Catholic background, which he also explored in several of his novels, such as Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter, and The End of the Affair.

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