Brief Interviews with Hideous Men Background

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men Background

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, written by David Foster Wallace, is a short story collection consisting of more than twenty different stories. It was first published during 1999 and was later published during 2000 by Abacus. Some short stories within the collection have the same title as this book. Wallace presents them as fictional transcripts of men who fear women to the point of repulsiveness. Such fear has earned them the unfortunate label of being hideous men.

Wallace's writing style is bizarre and quirky, testing the boundaries of fiction. Although some readers are in awe of his imagination and wit, other readers don't find this book enjoyable as his writing is too perplexing and forceful. Wallace's highly curious state of mind has led him to search for answers to big questions, which has made a great impact on his creative writing. His passion for exploring the complexity of life through his writing has earned him several awards, including the 2001 National Magazine Award.

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