Brideshead Revisited Background

Brideshead Revisited Background

Brideshead Revisited (The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder) was authored by Evelyn Waugh. It was first published during 1945 and was published again during 1982 by Back Bay Books. This novel delves into the life of Charles Ryder during the era before World War II.

Charles comes to terms with the true state of himself and his loved ones through a series of tense events involving his sexuality and spirituality. The core of this story is the development of a love affair between him and another man in Oxford.

Some readers have deemed the story as somewhat puzzling, with an unclear focus of the author's intentions. Other readers have deemed it as tastefully nostalgic thanks to its historical context. Waugh is considered one of the top satirical novelist of his time and has written and published several other novels throughout the mid-1900s.

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