Brick Lane Background

Brick Lane Background

Brick Lane is a book written by Monica Ali and was published in 2003. The story mainly revolves around the character of Nazneen who is a woman of Bangladeshi origin and moves to Brick Lane, in Tower Hamlets, London. She moves to the heart of the British Bangladeshi community and marries a much older man at the age of 18. The story follows Nazneen's new life in London and how she adapts to British culture and improves her English as when she first came she only knew the words 'sorry' and 'thank you'. Nazneen takes up sewing in order to earn money and she befriends a girl called called Razia who helps her to adapt to British society.

The book was written by the author in order to portray how migrants adapt to a different society and how they come to make their own living and find their own path - mainly those of a South Asian background. The author also wrote the book in order to garner attention on the British Bangladeshi community and the way in which Bangladeshi culture is still influential amongst British Bangladeshis in the UK.

The book was very well-received by critics and fans as it won the New York Times Award as one of the top 10 books of the year. The book was also listed for the Man Booker prize. The book has been adapted to a full-feature film as of 2007.

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