Brave New World

Who is the individual in the novel?


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John Savage would be the one character we can consider an individual.

John Savage

The Savage, also known as John, is the son of the Director and Linda. He was born on the reservation in a city called Malpais. He grew up as a hybrid of the Indian and Utopian cultures, with a volume of Shakespeare as his guide to life. As a result, the Indians often excluded him from their rituals. He and his mother Linda accompany Bernard Marx back to London where he soon becomes a celebrity. John falls in love with Lenina and imagines his love for her as that of Romeo and Juliet. He soon has trouble conforming to the ideals of the Utopian world and strikes out in an effort to assert his individuality. John finally runs away from the society but cannot avoid a mob of sightseers. In the end, he commits suicide.