Boy: Tales of Childhood Background

Boy: Tales of Childhood Background

Boy: Tales of Childhood is an autobiography written by notable children’s author, Roald Dahl. The book was published in 1984, by publishing house, Jonathan Cape. Quentin Blake, frequent collaborator of Dahl’s, did the illustrations for the book.

The story spans from Dahls birth to early adulthood. Dahl speaks of the despair he experiences growing up, from the loss of his sister, Astri, and later his father. He explores how he came to garner a love for his writing, and his exploits as a young boy, playing pranks in his local town.

The autobiography only stops when Dahl becomes a businessman in London, for the Shell Oil Company, which sees him travel all around the world, from Africa to Antarctica. The story follows on in his sequel, Going Solo (1986).

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