Blowback Glossary

Blowback Glossary


To make something last indefinitely, basically making something last forever or unlimited period of time. Comes from the Latin word "Perpetuus".


Completely baffled, puzzled, and confused. Comes from the latin word "Plectere".


Walk in a relaxed manner, or slow manner, Not being in a hurry. Uncertain origins


Making something happen quite quickly and/or Promptly, or moving something move with great speed. Derived from the Old English Word "Swïfan"


Unfamiliar, something not from a certain place. Derived from the Latin word "Fores"


Abnormal, different from normal, not made in nature so it is artificial. From Late middle English era.


Strong feeling, strength, high or extreme degree. Derived from Latin word "Intendere".

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