Blasted Summary

Blasted Summary

Scene One

Into an expensive hotel room in Leeds arrive a middle-aged man named Ian and Cate, a young woman half his age. Cate is blown away by the luxuriousness of the room while Ian adopts a worldly attitude of having been there and having done that. He has a potty mouth and is a racist homophobe. She has a pouty mouth and an airy sense of fragility. Throughout, Ian’s primary goal is to seduce Cate into the ornate bed, but while she not seem to the sharpest knife in the drawer, she is able to parry his every move. She eats delivered sandwiches. He repetitive removes the bullets from his piston and then load the gun back up again. When Cate suddenly faints dead away, Ian is momentarily frazzled, uncertain if she’s still alive and confused about what to do. Ian’s incessant smoking has already cost him a lung and he sees little point in trying for a transplant. When the phone rings, Ian reads to the person on the other end of line a story about a girl from Leeds who became a victim of a serial killer while traveling in New Zealand. After Cate rejects his advances and Ian accuses of her being a tease, she finally succumbs to his his placing her hand over his hand while he masturbates. She tells him that they can’t have sex because she’s not his girlfriend anymore now that she’s Shaun’s girlfriend. The conversation freewheels along from sex to football (soccer) to bombing to shooting guns to happiness and draws to a close with the sound of rain.

Scene Two

The same hotel room the next morning and while Cate sleeps, Ian drinks and reads the newspapers. Cate finally wakes up at the sound of Ian grabbing his side in pain and coughing. Then the pain begins spread across his entire body and he appears at the point of being unable to withstand it a moment longer…and finally collapses. Cates for the interminably long time it takes for Ian to start feeling good enough to realize he is being watched. While he is in the bathroom cleaning up and launching into another coughing fit, Cate rips the sleeves off his jacket. When comes back into the room and sees what she’s done, they get into a physical scuffle that ends with both of them on the bed and his gun in Cate’s and pointed at his groin. Before things get out of control, she has another one of her fainting spells and only comes around after Ian has rubbed himself sexually against her body. After fainting yet again, their conversation moves from breakfast to leaving to things that scare Cate to Ian’s secrets about his life serving his country. Then Cate starts to perform oral sex on him as his rate of speaking slows to a drawl. On the word “killer” he starts to come and Cate bites him hard on his penis. When they return to the topic of his service, he claims he loves his country, but she insists that no good excuse for killing people. They both react intensely when there is a knock at the door with Cate pleading with him not to answer it. The knocking continues incessantly. When he finally opens the door, he is met by a soldier holding a sniper rifle. The soldier takes Ian’s gun from him and then proceeds to demand that Ian hand over his bacon breakfast. As he eats, the soldier discovers Cate’s panties and rubs them against his skin before slipping them into his pocket. The sound of water running sends the soldier to the bathroom, but Cate has escaped through the window. The scene ends with the blinding flash from an explosion.

Scene Three

The hotel now features an enormous hole in its wall caused by the mortar bomb. The soldier lies unconscious, his rifle still firmly grasped in his hands. When the soldier refers to Ian with the term “English” Ian corrects him by asserting that he is Welsh. The two men trade stories of war and women and sex and torture. Ian tells the soldier that he is a home journalist for Yorkshire now. After threatening to shoot Ian if he doesn’t turn over so he can rape him the soldier suddenly kisses him tenderly on the lips. Then, with a gun pointed at his head, Ian allows himself to be turned over and raped while the soldier cries all the way through the act. When he is done, he shoves the gun up Ian’s rectum. After the soldier confesses to more horrific acts of atrocity, he sucks out one of Ian’s eyes and proceeds to eat.

Scene Four

The soldier’s body is now lying next to Ian’s, but he is dead, having blown out his own brains. A drenched Cate comes through the bathroom door carrying a baby. She describes a city outside the hotel’s ruined wall as a place of chaos and fear under the control of the soldiers. Cate grabs the gun from the soldier’s, but eventually gives in to Ian’s demand to hand it over. He puts inside his mouth and pulls the trigger, but very pull results in nothing but a soft click. Cate looks down and see the baby is dead and starts laughing uncontrollably.

Scene Five

Cate is burying dead baby under the floorboards of the hotel room. Cate starts to head out and Ian asks here where she’s going. She tells him she’s hungry and wants food. After she goes, a montage of mostly silent scenes interrupted by a light flickering on and off shows Ian masturbating, going to the bathroom, strangling himself, laughing, crying and having a nightmare. At one point he hugs the corpse of the soldier in a desperate bid for comfort and in his hunger finally resorts to digging up the dead baby and eating it. Then he dies. Then it starts raining and he’s speaking when Cate comes back with a sausage sandwich. She feeds Ian and gives him gin to drink. The rain starts up and Ian thanks her.

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