Birth of Tragedy Background

Birth of Tragedy Background

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote The Birth of Tragedy to acknowledge and celebrate the yin and yang of life. This book was originally published during 1871 and was later published during 2003 by Penguin Classics. Specifically, Nietzsche was aiming to enlighten his readers about how important life's dichotomy is to personal development and human creativity.

In other words, one can find meaning and purpose in beauty and order as well as crudeness and chaos. He gives literary life to such a dichotomy in the realm of art, which helps mold and shape one's artistry with authenticity.

Nietzsche was a German philosopher born during 1844 and died during 1900. He challenged the frameworks of Christianity and ethics, in an attempt to expose fragile thinking and provide what he saw as a better foundation for human flourishing. The Birth of Tragedy has its share of supporters and critics.

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