Big Fish (Film) Background

Big Fish (Film) Background

Big Fish is a 2003 movie directed by Tim Burton. It tells the story of a Paris-based journalist called Will Bloom, who comes home to Ashton, Alabama, when he hears that his father, Edward, is terminally ill with cancer and has been taken off chemotherapy. Will and his father have been estranged for the past three years largely because of the fanciful tales that Edward has told about his life, throughout his life. As a child Will happily accepted the stories as explanation for his father's long absences as a traveling salesman, but as an adult he has realized that these fanciful stories merely prevented him from getting to know his father. Now he barely knows him at all. With his wife now pregnant, Will wants to get to know his own father chiefly so that he can avoid being like him and we meet Will at the divergence of his life as a son and his upcoming life as a father.

The film stars Ewan McGregor as the young Ed Bloom; McGregor was cast after producers were struck by the similarity in appearance between him and pictures of young Albert Finney - Finney being cast as Edward in his senior years. It also stars Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange and Helena Bonham Carter. It also marks the American film debut of Marion Cotillard, who respected Burton so much as a director that she slept with the movie script under her pillow every night until she got the part. Another interesting cast member is an eight-year-old Destiny Cyrus, who would go on to global mega-stardom using the name Miley.

The film was nominated in the Best Musical Score category but did not win, and despite a substantial seventy nominations across a number of Awards, only one, best film score given by the International Association of Music Critics, was actually awarded.

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