Between the Acts Characters

Between the Acts Character List

Bartholomew Oliver

Bartholomew owns the house in which the pageant takes place. He is a wealthy old man, formerly an officer in the Indian Army. He lives with his sister and his son's family as his wife died years ago. Hosting the pageant to celebrate British history every year, he's an eccentric old gentleman. While he commissions the pageant, he never participates in it himself. He has a distant relationship with his grandchildren, trying to reach them but in all the wrong ways.

Lucy Swithin

Lucy is Bartholomew's sister. She lives at the house with the rest of the family. Also advanced in age like Bartholomew, she is apparently not completely mentally stable. She poses no threat, however, and is treated with kindness. Especially when it comes to the preparations for the pageant, she is obsessive and anxious. She manages all that she possibly can, operating under a feverish compulsion.

Giles Oliver

This is Bartholomew's son. He works in London and consequently spends little time with his family. Based on his interactions with his own children, he was not raised affectionately by his parents. He knows that his family resents his frequent absences and remains miserable because of it.

Isa Oliver

Isa is Giles' wife. Since Giles is in London for work most of the time, she practically raises her children on her own. She has a crush on a local farmer, Rupert Haines, but doesn't act upon it.

Miss La Trobe

She is an elderly spinster. She wrote the bizarre pageant and directs it on the day. Intent on maintaining the integrity of her creative vision, she micro-manages everyone involved with the production.

Mrs. Manresa

She and her friend, William Dodge, appear in town for the pageant. They are strangers but soon make themselves known to everyone. Mrs. Manresa is a flirt, making advances to both Bartholomew and Giles.

William Dodge

He appears in town with Mrs. Manresa apparently to see the pageant. He doesn't play a major role in the plot. In fact the other characters suppose that he is gay and immediately dismiss him because of it.

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