Beauty's Gift Background

Beauty's Gift Background

Beauty's Gift is a compelling story written by Sindiwe Magona. It was published during 2011 by NB Publishing. This novel tells the story of four women who cope with the lost of their best friend. This journey starts with five best friends known as FFF: Edith, Cordelia, Amanda, Doris, and Beauty. It seems like nothing can shake the deep bond they have. Yet to their surprise, Beauty becomes very sick and passes away after six weeks of battling her illness. They come to find out that Beauty contracted HIV/AIDS.

On her deathbed, Beauty begs Amanda to protect herself and the other women from dying prematurely like her. She warns them to treat their intimate relationships with lovers carefully, unlike her unfaithful husband who gave her HIV/AIDS. After her death, Amanda and the other women heed to Beauty's words, swearing an oath to avoid unsafe sex, even with their husbands.

Born during 1943, Magona was born in the village of Gungululu in rural Eastern Cape of South Africa. Her written work is saturated by her personal experiences of impoverishment, social justice, femininity, and domestic work. She has also written an autobiographical work, short stories, novellas, and poetry.

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