Biography of Victor Fleming

Victor Fleming was a director, producer, and cinematographer, who came to prominence during the rise of MGM studios in the 1930s. He is best known for being the main director (out of 5) of The Wizard of Oz, and for his direction of the equally iconic Gone with the Wind, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Director. He worked on nearly 50 films in his long career.

After working as a photographer during World War I, Fleming worked for a time as a car mechanic, which is how he met Allan Dwan, who brought him into the Hollywood system as a camera assistant. After working as an assistant, he transitioned into directing his own silent films, many of which were action films or Westerns. In 1932, he became famous for his work on films such as Bombshell, Reckless, Treasure Island, and Captains Courageous. At the end of the 1930s, he was tasked with directing the bulk of the film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and left the production early to work on another highly anticipated adaptation, Gone with the Wind.

Fleming died suddenly at the age of 59, suffering an unexpected heart attack in 1949. He was a beloved American filmmaker, who directed many Oscar-winning performances. He was also a controversial figure, prone to violent outbursts on set and plagued by rumors of a pro-Nazi political bent.

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In 1939, Victor Fleming added two more credits to his already impressive list of directorial efforts. He would go on to win the Oscar for directing Gone with the Wind. He would also receive final credit for helming The Wizard of Oz despite the...