Biography of Michelle Magorian

Michelle Jane Magorian is a British author and actress born in 1947 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. As a child, Magorian's family moved around often, living in England, then Australia, and then back to England; an experience which inspired the theme of evacuation in Good Night, Mr. Tom.

Magorian studied theater in the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama during the 1960s. She also spent time performing as a trained mime and worked with acclaimed mime artist, Marcel Marceau. She earned a postgraduate Certificate in Film Studies from London University and an Honorary Doctorate from Portsmouth University. Performing as Mikki Magorian, she has been in plays and musicals, and contributed lyrics for the musical adaptation of Good Night, Mr. Tom.

Magorian was inspired to write Good Night, Mr. Tom after researching the beginning of World War II and wanting to know answers to her many questions about that period of history. While working in theater companies six days and nights a week, Magorian often wrote, and completed a series of 10 short stories that were based on the story of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The 10th story, which influenced her powerfully, would go on to become Good Night, Mr. Tom.

Although Good Night, Mr. Tom is Magorian's most famous work, she has also penned several other well-known books, including A Little Love Song, Just Henry, and Back Home. She continues to write and is currently completing research to write her 8th book.

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Good Night, Mr. Tom is a children's book published in 1981, written by English actress, dancer, and writer Michelle Magorian. Magorian had a strong passion for the history of children's literature which inspired her to try her hand at writing....