Biography of Mark Salzman

Connecticut-born Mark Salzman lives in California with his award-winning filmmaker wife of eight years, Jessica Yu. The pair met at Yale, where Salzman was studying Chinese and Yu was studying English. Though Salzman had been interested in Zen Buddhism, Chinese culture, and martial arts since very young, he had originally intended to go to college to study music and become a professional cellist. Shortly before beginning college, he attended a concert given by Yo-Yo Ma and the experience changed his life. He realized that he had never experienced the kind of passion Yo-Yo Ma exhibited. So he gave up the cello and took to Chinese, even going to China to teach and learn martial arts there. After he returned, he wrote a screenplay that was based on his experiences. This was turned into a movie, called "Iron and Silk." He played the protagonist. Since then, Salzman has embarked on an award-winning career as a writer. Though he's given up screenplays, he has returned to music in a purely personal sphere and continues to win accolades for martial arts and his books.

Study Guides on Works by Mark Salzman

Mark Salzman's book Lying Awake won critical acclaim upon publication in 2000. Salon Magazine marveled that a successful agnostic at home amidst the cultural elite could write a book like Lying Awake, especially after struggling for six...