Biography of Lasse Hallstrom

Lasse Hallström was born as Lars Sven Hallström in Stockholm, Sweden on June 2, 1946. His grandparents were influential figures in Swedish politics. His father, a dentist by day, was also an avid film-lover who made documentaries. In interviews, Hallström has cited his father's cinéma vérité style as incredibly important in his own development as a filmmaker. Hallström's parents encouraged art and creativity in the home. He attended Adolf Frederik's Music School in Stockholm, a competitive junior high school whose curriculum focuses on choral music.

Hallström first got his start in filmmaking in television. In 1973, he directed a popular Swedish comedy series entitled "Pappas pojkar." However, Hallström gained more international acclaim for his frequent directorial collaborations with Swedish superstar group, ABBA. His feature film debut in 1985, My Life as a Dog, was met with critical acclaim. For his work on this film, Hallström was nominated for Academy Awards in the categories of Best Director and Best Writing, Screenplay. After My Life as a Dog, Hallström began dabbling in the American film scene. His most notable American film at this time was What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Leonardo DiCaprio's performance led to both Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

Hallström's longevity and international success have made him one of Sweden's most renowned directors. Though Hallström himself has never won an Academy Award or Golden Globe for his directing, his films and their actors have been nominated for numerous accolades. For example, his 1991 film The Cider House Rules was nominated for five Academy Awards. Hallström is currently based in the United States. In interviews, the director has talked about his love for dogs and his interest in capturing the human-canine relationship through film. Hallström is also a vegan.

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