Biography of Elizabeth Sherrill

Elizabeth Sherrill, called Tib by many, was born in Hollywood, California right before the Great Depression. She is a Christian author who now lives in Massachusetts. Elizabeth met John Sherrill on a ship to Europe. The couple married in 1947 in Switzerland. After her marriage, Elizabeth started work as a freelance journalist for magazines until 1963. Elizabeth and John raised three children together.

In 1970, Elizabeth and her husband founded a publishing company, called Chosen Books, which sought new Christian authors. The first book published with this company was "Born Again" by Charles Colson. Sherrill has written over 1,500 articles, many for Guideposts Magazine. She has been an editor for this magazine for over sixty years.

Over her long career, Elizabeth has authored over thirty books, many of them with her husband, John. These books are translated into over forty languages and are read around the world. Other titles include "The Cross and the Switchblade," "God's Smuggler," "They Speak with Other Tongues," and "Return from Tomorrow." Her autobiography is entitled "Surprised by Grace," where, after ghostwriting many biographies for others, Elizabeth tells of her own life.

Elizabeth and John Sherrill travel to Africa, America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East sharing Christianity and their experience as writers. Sherrill has conducted workshops for writers around the world.

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