Biography of Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker is an English screenwriter, columnist, social critic, and television presenter and producer.

Born in Reading, England, Brooker undertook a BA in Media Studies at the University of Westminster. His early work as a cartoonist and writer for video game–focused publications led to writing a regular column for The Guardian in the early 2000s.

Simultaneous to his TV and social criticism columns, Brooker wrote for Channel 4 and BBC shows such as Brass Eye and The Art Show. He also presented Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe starting in 2006 for BBC Four. Brooker released the first three episodes of the science fiction series Black Mirror in 2011. After the first three series, the show moved to Netflix in 2016. Most recently, Brooker has worked as a writer and producer for Cunk on Earth and the sixth series of Black Mirror.

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