Biography of Bernard MacLaverty

Bernard MacLaverty is a Northern Irish author born in Belfast in 1942. Before becoming a writer, MacLaverty worked as a medical technician and an English teacher. His first novel was Lamb, which was published in 1980. Since then, he has written several other novels and collections of short stories. He has been a writer-in-residence at institutions including the University of Aberdeen. MacLaverty has received much recognition for his work, especially in the world of Irish literature, garnering distinctions such as the Scottish Arts Council award and the Pharic McLaren award. He has adapted many of his works for radio and television; his screenplay for his novel Cal was made into a 1984 film starring John Lynch and Helen Mirren. MacLaverty now lives in Glasgow with his wife Madeline and four children.

Study Guides on Works by Bernard MacLaverty

Cal is a 1983 novel by the Northern Irish writer Bernard MacLaverty. It is a story situated during one of the most difficult periods in Irish history, the time known as "the Troubles," when Northern Ireland was divided between Loyalist and...