Biography of Andy Mulligan

Andy Mulligan is a British author of young adult fiction, adult fiction, radio plays, and screenplays.

After an education at Oxford, Mulligan worked as a theater director. He retrained as a teacher and began teaching English and drama in India, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. He has written eight young adult novels and in 2019 published Train Man, his first novel for adult readers.

For Return to Ribblestrop, Mulligan won the 2011 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize. He was shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal in 2012.

Study Guides on Works by Andy Mulligan

Set in an unnamed developing country, Andy Mulligan's Trash (2010) is a young-adult thriller novel about three boys whose lives change when they find in the garbage a bag linked to a murder and millions of stolen dollars. With corrupt police and...