Arun Kamble: Poetry Poem Text

Arun Kamble: Poetry Poem Text

Which Language should I Speak?

Chewing totters in the badlands
My grandapa,
The permanent resident of my body,
The household of tradition heaped on his back,
Hollers at me,
‘you whore-son, talk like we do. Talk, I tell you!’

(Excerpt, Translated by Priya Adarkar)

The life we live

If you were to live the life we live
Then out of you would poems arise.
We:kicked and spat at for our piece of bread.
You: fetch fulfillment and name of the Lord.
We:down-gutter degraders of our heritage.
You:its sole repository,descendants of the sage.
We:never have a paisa to scratch our arse.

(Excerpt, Translated by Gauri Deshpande)

- Arun Kamble

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