Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days Character List

Phileas Fogg

Phileas Fogg is the primary protagonist in Around the World in 80 Days. The story details his attempt to go around the world in 80 days. He is a mysteriously wealthy Englishmen with a knack for gambling, and is generally seen as a confident, inspiring sort of man. His willingness to attempt the feat of going around the world in 80 days shows that he is a risk-taking sort of man with boundless confidence.


The honest and ever-comical French valet of Mr. Fogg; he is loyal yet inadvertently burdensome traveling companion. He is a brave, warm, man, yet seems to often throw a wrench in Fogg's attempt to travel round the world in 80 days. He is a very endearing though utterly comedic.

Detective Fix

As Fogg leaves on his journey, a major English bank is robbed. Detective Fix is led to believe that the culprit is none other than Phileas Fogg, who never intended to go round the world in 80 days but simply wanted to escape the police. He wants to catch Fogg so he can receive some of the stolen money as a reward.


An orphaned Indian princess, forced to marry a Rajah at a young age. When the Rajah dies, eccentric Hindus attempt to bully her into sacrificing her life. Before they make her go through with it, however, Fogg and his crew rescue her. When she is unable to find her relative from Hong Kong, she returns with Fogg's crew to England.

The Reform Club Members

The members of the Reform Club to which Fogg belongs are all wealthy London men, and they believe Fogg is mad to try and go around the world in 80 days. They are, however, excited by the prospect of acquiring Fogg's fortune.

Sir Francis Cromarty

An Englishman who lives in India. Fogg and his party encounter him on the train from Bombay to Calcutta, and he travels with them by elephant between the two train stations. He knows quite a lot about the region and its customs, and aids in rescuing Aouda.

The Parsee Guide

Fogg hires a Parsee guide to lead their elephant between the two train stations in central India. In return for his guidance, Fogg gifts him the elephant at the end of the journey.

John Bunsby

An English sailor living in Hong Kong. Fogg and his party to carry them to Shanghai as fast as possible so they can catch the steamer to Yokohama hire him.

Long Noses

The troupe of acrobatic dancers which Passepartout joins for a few moments in Yokohama, hoping to make some money for food.

Colonel Stamp Proctor

An American man with whom Fogg nearly gets into a fight in San Francisco, and whom he challenges to a duel later on the train to New York. Proctor is tough and rugged, fitting the group's stereotype of an American man perfectly.

Mr. Camerfield

One of the candidates for a political position present at a rally in San Francisco that turns into a brawl.

Mr. Mandiboy

One of the candidates for a political position present at a rally in San Francisco that turns into a brawl.

Elder William Hitch

A Mormon who boards the train across the United States in Utah. He preaches about Mormonism in one of the train cars, and Passepartout attends until he decides he has heard enough.


The sledge driver who takes the group from the army fort to Omaha in order to catch up with the train.

Captain Speedy

The Captain of the trading ship; Fogg ties him up in order to steer the ship towards Liverpool. He is somewhat rude in refusing to help them at first, but he is eventually enticed by the money Fogg promises him in exchange for his ship.