Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Character List

Margaret Simon

Margaret is the eleven-year-old protagonist of Blume's novel and has just moved from New York City to Farbrook, New Jersey. She's extremely concerned with growing up, getting her period, wearing a bra, and liking boys. Since Margaret's parents practice separate religions, Margaret has no religion of her own and is expected to decide for herself what faith she wants to follow when she gets older.

Barbara Simon

Margaret's mother and a former practicing Christian, Barbara passes her time by creating still life paintings. Barbara's parents stopped speaking to her once she married Margaret's father, who is Jewish.

Herb Simon

Herb is Margaret's father, and is of Jewish descent. Upon moving out to Farbrook, he began to commute to his job in New York City.

Sylvia Simon

A proud New Yorker, Sylvia is Margaret's paternal grandmother. Sylvia is extremely doting and loves to spoil Margaret, which makes Margaret's parents uneasy; in fact, Sylvia was part of the reason why Margaret's family left New York in the first place. Sylvia is committed to her Jewish faith and hopes that Margaret will choose to follow the same religion.

Nancy Wheeler

As Margaret's best friend in her new town, Nancy was the first one to reach out and invite Margaret over. Nancy is very proud and feels that she knows a lot about issues such as boys, bras, and periods, and likes to flaunt this knowledge when in the company of her friends.

Gretchen Potter

One of Margaret's close friends in her new town, Gretchen is also the daughter of the doctor Margaret's father visits following an accident with a new lawnmower.

Janie Loomis

One of Margaret's close friends in her new town, Janie is one of the shyer sixth-graders, yet Margaret is able to bond with her easily.

Evan Wheeler

Evan is Nancy's older brother, who is girl-obsessed and often spies on the PTS group.

Moose Freed

Evan Wheeler's best friend, Moose cuts grass for the families in the neighborhood, including the Simons. Margaret has a secret crush on Moose throughout the entire novel.

Mr. Benedict

Mr. Benedict is the new, relatively young sixth grade teacher. At the beginning of the year, the students give him a lot of trouble, yet Mr. Benedict soon finds ways to quietly earn the obedience of the class.

Philip Leroy

Philip is a handsome boy in the sixth grade, the one who ranks at the top in all four PTS Boy Books. Despite his appealing looks, Philip is actually rather immature.

Jay Hassler

A boy who ranks near the top in Margaret's Boy Book, Jay is polite and has nice eyes.

Laura Danker

Laura is a girl in the sixth grade who is significantly more developed, physically, than all the other girls and is the subject of vicious rumors because of her early maturation.

Norman Fishbein

Norman is a boy in the sixth grade; Margaret calls him a "drip," but her opinion of him increases somewhat when he throws a dinner party for everyone in the class.

Mr. Hutchins

Margaret's maternal grandfather, Mr. Hutchins is extremely Christian and disowned his daughter when she chose a Jewish husband.

Mrs. Hutchins

Margaret's maternal grandmother, Mrs. Hutchins shares her husband's firm devotion to Christianity.

Mrs. Wheeler

Nancy's mother, Mrs. Wheeler is extremely involved in the neighborhood social scene and the school PTA.