How Annie Changed My Life

Who had the largest effect on your life?

Annie’s face is as vivid in my mind now as it was four years ago. I can see the passion for life that sparkled in her eyes and the crazy, intense grin that stretched across her face like a bridge across the sea. Although my experience with Annie may not seem like one of profound importance, I believe that the moments I spent with her were moments that have greatly influenced my life.

The day I met Annie is clearly etched in my memory. It was a Wednesday in mid-October and the leaves were just beginning to form a carpet on the ground. I had only been waiting for an hour at the University my mom attended when I saw her sprinting out of the gym.

“Cal!” my mom yelled, “Hurry, I need another person.”

I ran in after her and stopped when I reached the doors. Every corner of the large room was filled with childlike adults yelping with joy. Laughter echoed off of the walls and smiles were scattered on everyone’s faces. My eyes wandered over to the basketball court where my mom was standing next to a short, stout, and fairly intimidating woman.

“This is Annie,” my mom said to me, pointing to the woman next to her, “And Annie, this is my daughter Callie.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” I said, holding out my hand.

“Yeah, yeah," said Annie, “let’...

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