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Five main clues that a chemical change has likely happened:

a new ____ is given off

2. a new ____ is formed, called a _____.

3. ____ is emitted or absorbed.

4. a new ____ appears.

5. _____ is given off and feels ___ to touch or absorbed - feels ____ to touch.

please help me fill in the blanks. I have filled in most of them, however, the remainder of the blanks do not seem clear to me. thank-you for your time.

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1) odor

2) formation, precipitate

3) energy

4) color


I have to check on number five........ you've got me there, but I believe it's something to do with temperature.

For number two, I'm sorry. I forgot to note that the formation is a solid.

thanks! still got any ideas on number 5? do you think it's heat? does it make sense? thanks again

yes, this has something to do with heat and temperature......... I haven't taught science in many moons, still trying to put this together in my head!