Another Country Background

Another Country Background

Another Country is a novel by noted American author James Baldwin written in 1962. It is set in 1950's Greenwich Village, and discusses many risky themes at the time including bisexuality, interracial couples, and infidelity. It was published by Dial Press and is approximately 436 pages, one of Baldwin's longer works.

The book centers around Rufus Scott, a black jazz drummer in New York City during the 1950's, when jazz was slowly dying out. Rufus starts a relationship with Leona, a white woman, whom he becomes deeply enamored with; however, he also begins to abuse her as he cannot control his strong emotions. After she is eventually admitted to a mental hospital, Rufus commits suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. The novel examines the relationships between Rufus's friends after his death.

Many literary scholars see Another Country as a criticism of Norman Mailer's essay The White Negro and how it impersonally portrayed black culture. Scholars also note the social significance of the many themes discussed in the novel, as they were things truly not discussed in daily life.

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