Annie on My Mind Background

Annie on My Mind Background

Annie on My Mind is a novel written by Nancy Garden in 1982. The novel mainly revolves around the story of Liza Winthrop and Annie Kenyo, who first meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and instantly become friends.Throughout the story, their friendship grows into love. Liza becomes suspended from school for defending a rule-breaking student. This break from school leads to Liza and Annie spending more time together and leads to their first kiss. Liza and Annie are later discovered by an administrator from Liza's school and seeks to expel her. However, the board allows Liza to stay at school. In a turn of events, the two become distant and attend different colleges. However, Liza later calls Annie and they decide to meet and reunite before going home for winter break.

The book was written by the author to explore how love can be found in a same-sex relationship and how the people in the relationship may deal with their feelings. The book also wanted to explore how society might reach to two women being in love and how Liza and Annie deal with this in terms of their relationship together.

The book was received well by critics and fans alike. In fact, the American Library Association awarded the book a "Best of the Best Books for Young Adults" ranking. Also, the American Library Association gave Nancy Garden its Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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