Animal Dreams Metaphors and Similes

Animal Dreams Metaphors and Similes

Metaphor for unsociability

In the first chapter of the novel, the Day of the Dead is mentioned and also the fact that the Doctor tried to keep his daughters away from the cemetery. The Day of the dead is not a grim celebration, but rather a day when those who are still alive are able to remember their family members that passed away and connect with the community they live in. By not allowing his daughters to take part in the celebration, the Doctor ultimately stops them from forming a connection with their dead relatives but also with the community they live in. because of this, Codi is unable to function properly in a society or relate to those around her and doesn’t recognize a common children’s activity when she enters her hometown. Because of this, the decision to not let his daughters take part in a social activity can be seen as being a metaphor for Codi’s inability to adapt and for her unsocial tendencies.

Metaphor for the connection between the present and the past

While Codi may not like that Loyd participates in cockfights, for him it is something important because it links him with his past and with the memory of his father. In many senses, the only thing Loyd has in common with his father is the cockfights and Codi understands this and doesn’t try to stop him from participating even though she doesn’t agree with it.

Metaphor for confusion

A recurrent element that appears in the novel is the idea that Codi fears that one day she will lose her sight and will become blind. This is a metaphor used to emphasize her fear of not finding her place in the world and not knowing what her purpose is.

Metaphor for fertility

Loyd is sees as a fertile character. He is able to cultivate the land and produce enough crops to feed his family and make a profit out of it and is also able to have children. Because of this, Loyd is used as a metaphor for fertility in the novel and is linked with the idea of procreation.


Hallie’s abduction by the Contras in Nicaragua has the purpose of sending a strong message to both the USA and to the reader. Hallie’s abduction is used here as a metaphor to show the adversity many felt towards the USA’s involvement in Nicaragua and it also shows the damaging effects it had on the USA citizens living there during the 1980s.

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