Angry Black White Boy Background

Angry Black White Boy Background

ِAngry Black White Boy is the second novel written by American author Adam Mansbach. It was published on March 8, 2005. Adam Mansbach is a "#1 New York Times Bestselling Author. Award-winning novelist and screenwriter. Cultural critic", as he says on his personal webpage. Angry Black White Boy is an example of his cultural and race criticism novels.

The novel is set in Boston, New York, where a white boy called Macon Detornay lived with a black community and so got inspired by their customs and traditions. As a result, he witnessed the racism they receive from the white community and how their rights are taken away. Of course, during Macon's period in his neighborhood, he was trying to impress his friends and fit in the black community, in which he somehow succeeds. As Macon grows up, his hate towards the whites and their supremacy increases until he decides that he will seek revenge somehow for his black friends. He works as a taxi driver in disguise (people think he is a black person) and harasses white people who ride with him, curse them and threatens them with a gun. Somehow Macon gets known and his story becomes very famous, so he uses that to urge people to have a Day of Apology, as he calls it, where white people apologize to black people for everything the whites have done to the blacks during the last four centuries. However, some people objected harshly and the day ignited a problem more than a solution. Macon gets in a dilemma and has to solve it.

Macon's character was mostly inspired by Mansbach's own character; they both grew up in the same neighborhood. However, Mansbach says that some of Macon's actions are exaggerated because his novel is basically a satire.

Angry Black White Boy was criticized by many, both negatively and positively. Being an identity-based novel, it had to have different views and opinions. It earned a 3.5 out of a 5-star rating on Goodreads and has a book review of its own on New York Times magazine. Nathaniel Rich, the one who wrote the book review in New York Times website said: "Mansbach is an able satirist of race issues, mocking not only disingenuous white guilt but also blacks who assimilate all too readily into white culture." A reader reviewed the book on Goodreads and mentioned that Angry Black White Boy has "(...) a lot going on and it is infuriating, hilarious and tragic all at the same time".

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