Angela's Ashes

Angela's Ashes Essay Questions

  1. 1

    Hunger is referred to time and time again in Angela's Ashes. Decribe three incidents involving hunger and discuss the underlying social causes.

  2. 2

    McCourt begins Angela's Ashes with the sentence: "My mother and father should have stayed in New York where they met and married and where I was born." Agree or disagree, taking the entire novel into account.

  3. 3

    How does McCourt interject traditional Irish rituals and mythology into Angela's Ashes?

  4. 4

    As a youngster, Frank is fascinated by heroes. Who are these heroes and what purpose does their example serve?

  5. 5

    Young Frank is a voracious reader, even reading under street lights when there is no money to put oil in the lamps at home. What function do books serve in Angela's Ashes?

  6. 6

    The Catholic Church plays a major role in Frank McCourt's life. Discuss this role in negative and positive terms.

  7. 7

    Throughout Angela's Ashes, Malachy's drinking goes from bad to worse and this deeply affects the family in a negative manner. Is Malachy's influence on his son purely negative, or does he make a positive impact as well?

  8. 8

    What does the idea of America mean to McCourt? How does this idea motivate him?

  9. 9

    Frank McCourt became a highly renowned English teacher. How do events in Angela's Ashes help anticipate and explain his eventual career as an educator?

  10. 10

    Discuss Frank's relationship with his mother. Why do you think he named the book Angela's Ashes?