An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People Character List

Dr. Thomas Stockmann

The protagonist of the play, Stockmann is a doctor and family man. He is occasionally naive and carried away by his passions, but he is fiercely dedicated to the preservation of the truth regarding the Springs. He holds on to his view regardless of how much he and his family are attacked.

Peter Stockmann

Stockmann's brother, mayor, and chairman of the board for the Springs, Peter is derisive of his brother and completely opposed to his finding. He believes in the power of the government, in limiting free speech, and in toeing the line.


The newspaper editor and avowed radical who is initially excited by the opportunity to support Stockmann, but who then is swayed by Peter. He disavows all affiliation with Stockmann.

Petra Stockmann

Bright, pretty, and politically radical, Petra is initially a schoolteacher until her father's scandal causes her to lose her job. She supports him and his cause wholeheartedly, demonstrating modern attitudes, keenness of intellect and wit, and a burning desire for the truth.


A journalist for the newspaper who starts out as supportive of Stockmann but switches his affiliation to Peter.


The newspaper’s publisher and Chairman of the Property Owners’ Association, he promises Stockmann the majority of the town but then switches allegiance to Peter. His rallying cry is "moderation."

Morten Kiil

Catherine's father, he initially seems harmless but once he realizes his tannery is causing the pollution, he behaves disreputably by buying up stock in the Springs and ordering Stockmann to clear his name.

Catherine Stockmann

Stockmann's wife, Catherine is mild-mannered at the beginning of the play, and worries about what Stockmann's findings might mean for her family. However, as the play goes on she becomes more outspoken and stays by her husband's side.

Captain Horster

A sea captain, Horster is open-minded and tolerant. He supports Stockmann as much as he can, allowing him to use his house for the lecture and when Stockmann decides to remain in the town. He credits his tolerance for speech to his travels to many places that do not possess it at all.

Morten Stockmann

One of the Stockmann's young sons, Morten gets in a fight at school after he hears another student call his dad a traitor.

Ejlif Stockmann

One of the Stockmanns' young sons.


A belligerent and amusing man who shows up at the lecture and heckles those talking. He is one of the few, though, that support Stockmann.