America Is in the Heart Glossary

America Is in the Heart Glossary


The external appearance of an object or a person.


A form of presentation of something or someone that succesfully hides the true nature of the concerned person or thing.


A form of presentation of an idea regarding the subject matter concerned that can successfully be used to mislead a person.


An idea that seems to be imaginable within the limits of human capability.


A feeling of being safe that is, a safety that is ensured both physically as well as psychologically.

Fruit of our labour

The results that we receive as a reward after successfully completing a hard work; something that may provide us with a feeling of satisfaction and an encouragement to work more efficiently in future.


A system of government where every adult and responsible citizen gets an equal chance to express the choice of the ruling body of the state or country, where they reside, following which the government is formed based upon the choice of the majority of the population of a particular state or country.

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