Ambiguous Adventure Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    Why are the village elders against the introduction of schools in Senegal by the French colonialists?

    The primary goal why the French men are establishing schools in Senegal is to ensure that people adopt the French culture by force. The French colonialists know that the only way the local people can cooperate is by changing their culture. However, the local village elders are not ready to abandon their way of doing things and that is why they do not want their children to attain westernized education.

  2. 2

    What is the reason why Samba’s father is reluctant of allowing Samba to go abroad to study?

    The father is confused with the whole idea of western education and he is not willing to let Samba go to France to further his studies. After attending the local school, Samba excels and he is willing to go abroad to get more acquitted with western ideologies. He is aware that he has a culture to respect but he finds it necessary to explore the new culture and if possible, assimilate it to his people in the future. The father thinks that Samba will be westernized and forget about his culture and role.

  3. 3

    Why is the Fool stabbing Samba to dearth at Thierno’s grave?

    When Samba returns from France to his home country in Senegal, he finds out that Thierno died and was buried. During his stay in France, Samba appreciated western culture, religion, and atheism. On realizing that Thierno is dead, Samba decides to go and pay final respect at his grave. He is accompanied by the Fool who was one of Thierno's students. After reaching at the grave, Samba does not pray or perform any traditional ritual as a sign of respect. The Fool thinks that Samba is being disrespectful and he stabs him to death.

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