Amadeus Cast List

F. Murray Abraham

F. Murray Abraham was born on October 24, 1939 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In his early twenties, he ventured to New York City to study acting. After years of playing an assortment of roles in theater, television, and film, he landed the lead role in Amadeus, which served as his breakout role. After Amadeus, Abraham continued to act in a variety of media. His latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, came out in 2014.

Tom Hulce

Tom Hulce was born on December 6, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan, but was raised in Plymouth, Michigan. He initially aspired to be a singer, but he changed his mind in his teens and decided to be an actor instead. He studied acting at an assortment of places, but eventually found his way to New York City, where he landed the role of Peter Firth's understudy in the Broadway play, Equus. When Firth left the production, Hulce found himself starring in a broadway production. After this role, Hulce played many more roles on Broadway. He eventually transitioned from Broadway to film. Similarly to F. Murray Abraham, Amadeus offered Hulce a breakout role. Hulce continued to find work on Broadway, in television, and in film after Amadeus. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Elizabeth Berridge

Elizabeth Berridge was born on May 2, 1962. There is some ambiguity about her place of birth. Some sources claim that she was born in New Rochelle, New York, while others state that it was Westchester, New York. She was not the actress initially chosen to play Constanze: she was hired to play Constanze after Meg Tilly got injured. Berridge has held a variety of roles in both television and film before and after Amadeus.

Roy Dotrice

Roy Dotrice was born on the island of Guernsey, which is part of the United Kingdom. There is some ambiguity about his birth year: some sources say 1923, while others claim it was 1925. This ambiguity might be due to the fact that he lied about his age when he enlisted in the Royal Air Force during World War II. Unfortunately, he spent most of the time he served in imprisonment. In 1942, he was captured as a prisoner of war and spent the next three years imprisoned in Germany; he made the best of these years by engaging in theater.

After World War II, Dotrice continued to nurture his interests in theater by enrolling at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His education helped him to develop a great command of Shakespearean roles, which has contributed to an incredible career that spans Broadway, film, and television. Apart from being a disciplined actor, Dotrice was also a devoted husband. He was married for sixty years. He and his wife, Kay, would likely have been together for many more years, had she not passed away in 2007.