All's Well That Ends Well Imagery

All's Well That Ends Well Imagery

More than just a King

After Bertrand leaves for the court, Lafew tries to assure the Countess that the King will look after her son just like a father would. By comparing the King to a father, it is transmitted the idea that the King is seen as being more than just a ruler. The King is a symbolic father to those who need him and in this sense, the image created by the attributes given to the King is not that of a man, but of a Demi-God able to take care of everyone in his country just like a father takes care of the family members under his care.

Romantic hero

The description offered on Bertrand is important because he is a typical romantic hero, at least on the exterior. Bertrand is described as being handsome, with curly hair and brave. The description is offered at the beginning of the play and it creates the impression that he is every maiden’s dream. But his later actions prove that he is far from being the perfect man and that he has flaws as well.


Parolles is an important character in the play because he can be considered as being the villain in the play. He is the one partially responsible for Bertrand’s actions and is always the one who brags about his qualities and courage. But his words are more than often empty and they mean nothing. Thus, Parolles is portrayed in the play as being a bragger, a superficial man whose power depends on whether those around him believe him or not.


After Bertram and Helen were married, Bertram arranges so that he leaves as soon as possible for the battlefield. The departure between Bertram and Helen is described in painful terms, with Bertram treating Helen like a stranger and refusing to kiss her or show any type of affection. Helen, true to her love for Bertram, accepts his behavior and his instructions to go back to his mother. The scene is important because it portrays the dynamics between Bertram and Helen and it also shows who they are in reality.

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