All Our Relations Background

All Our Relations Background

All Our Relations is a 2018 non-fictional book examining the effects of past genocides on indigenous youth in North America. Recent studies have indicated that one out of three deaths among young indigenous people is due to suicide, likely because of persecution to these people and because they have lost their sense of identity. Although a large amount of attention is focused at other minority groups, indigenous populations are the true minority - this is why Tanya Talaga has spent most of her life writing for the cause of helping young indigenous people find their way in the world.

Tanya Talaga is a Native American Canadian author and journalist that is an activist for indigenous health and rights. In 2017, Talaga gained much recognition for her book, Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City. This book also explored the sad losses of First Nations youth, who likely felt that they had no place in the world. Talaga, as well as publishing two books, is a journalist for the Toronto Star.

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