All American Boys Background

All American Boys Background

All American Boys was published in 2015 and written by Jason Reynolds. The book was co-authored with Brendan Kiely.

Jason Reynolds was born in Washington DC in 1983. He has an degree in English from The University of Maryland. He has written several books over the years, such as When I Was The Greatest in 2014 and Ghost in 2016. Before he started writing books, he wrote and published poems. His interest in poems, inspired from rap, began at only nine years old.

Brandan Kiely is from the Boston area in the United States. He has a degree in creative writing from The City College of New York. He now lives in Greenwich and teaches in high school.

The book is about a young, black boy who gets beaten up by a police officer. The officer, who is white, believes that the young black boy, Rashad Butler, had been stealing. This was actually not true, a woman just tripped over Rashad, which made him drop his bag of chips to the ground. He had not been stealing. It was an accident, yet the officer does not believe him and ends up beating Rashad. Rashad ends up in a hospital bed.

A young white boy, Quinn Collins, who is a classmate of Rashad Butler, sees the event. He is very conflicted and does not know what he thinks about it. The police officer is actually his best friend’s older brother. What is he supposed to do?

Jason Reynolds has written the voice of Rashad Butler, while Brendan Kiely was the one who wrote Quinn Collins. The two met on a book tour in 2013 and instantly became friends. Jason Reynolds is black, which his character also is, while Brandan Kiely and his character Quinn Collins is white. All four of them is Americans. Together, the two authors discuss the important themes of racism and police brutality through their characters.

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