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The narrator is a man who visits Savka in the kitchen gardens of Dubovo. He recalls a one May night when they fished together and afterwards a young peasant girl came to visit Savka. The narrator recognized the girl, and inquired whether she is not scared that her husband will find out about her secret lover affair. He promises to keep her secret. The narrator also warns Savka that he will end badly due to his relations with women.


Savka is described as a young, handsome man, who is both strong and literate, but yet ‘not worth a farthing’. Due to his laziness he is unable to keep a steady job and support his old mother. Due to his strange character Savka is very popular among local women, who except other things bring him food out of pity.



Agafya is a young peasant girl, married to a signal man called Yakov. One evening, she comes to visit Savka when he is in the company of the narrator. The narrator inquires whether she is not scared that her husband will find out, but she says she has a way of knowing when her husband returns from work, so she can be home before him. However, this night she cannot bring herself to leave even though the train that is supposed to bring her husband back can arrive any minute. When she leaves, her husband is already looking for her. At first she is frightened, but eventually she manages to stand up straight and walk back home with courage.


Yakov is Agafya’s husband. He works as a signal man and he comes home everyday at the same time when the mail train brings him. One morning he comes home and finds out that his wife Agafya is not there. 

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