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We do not know his name. He spends most of the play reflects. Several actions from "above" take place and take opportunity to happen to him. He often turns aside from the action, as if rejecting and not acknowledging the existence of a "power from above". He is alone onstage, except for the presence, suggesting man is alone, except for the presence of God. He does not speak because he believes words do not have any intrinsic value.

Things that occur are only reality, then again, by an absurdest point of view, man cannot validate them or give them man. The man spends a lot of time looking at his hands, as he is a mime, and he can mime the actions of anyone or anything. We are all mimes by this respect, he may reflect. It is important we do not know what he is thinking, but as an audience, we try to imagine what he is thinking. It is what is spoken through the mime, not through words. The man is present by the tree of life, symbolizing he is the archetype of man.

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