Acquainted With the Night Background

Acquainted With the Night Background

Acquainted With the Night is a non-fiction novel written by Christopher Dewdney in 2004. The book revolves around the 'night' and the various aspects of it. The book has 14 chapters and each chapter refers to a certain hour of the night and explores the lives of animals in the night, the transition from day to night, and the night life of the City, including clubs and bars. In essence, the book is about night life on earth and how different beings perceive it and how the night is a long period of time that we all get through until daylight.

The book was written by the author whilst he lived in Toronto, Canada. The author wrote the book as he was fascinated by nightlife and wanted to write a story about it and suddenly found that there was so much to say about the night and so many topics related to it. The author also wrote the book so that nightlife could be simply explained, for example the activities that take part in the night and the different hours of the night and what happens at each stage.

The book has been received well by critics and fans and a reviewer for 'Publishers Weekly' commented that the author writes 'carefully' and 'confidently'. The book was a finalist for the 2004 Governor General's Awards and the 2005 Charles Taylor Prize. It tied in first place for the World Fantasy Award in Anthologies.

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