Abe Akira: Short Stories Background

Abe Akira: Short Stories Background

There is no single anthology of short stories authored by Abe Akira, mostly because of the relative obscurity of his works and their limited numbers. Despite this, two did achieve relative popularity for a short time and are still considered masterful works.

Undoubtedly Akira's most famous work was the story Peaches, published in 1972. This story is told from the perspective of the author. In it, the author begins to questions his memory, which is the main source of his material. This short story has appeared in several anthologies of short stories along with other high-quality works, and has won a handful of low-profile awards, making it Akira's most winning work.

The other work of Akira's that achieved moderate success was titled The Children's Room, and was published in 1962. This was the piece that started Akira's career in literature, and it is an emotional autobiographical account of the hardships that accompanied Akira's growing up with his mentally challenged older brother. While The Children's Room did not achieve as much commercial success as Peaches did, it received more critical praise. It was praised for its candor, and how it was written in an emotional, pained tone.

As known to anyone has read any of Akira's work, Akira has brought many of his personal life experiences into his pieces. This fact makes each story valuable to learning more about him as a person and figuring out the ways of his doings. He portrays life in a way anyone can understand and have a connection to.

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