A Wizard of Earthsea Imagery

A Wizard of Earthsea Imagery

Comatose man

After saving his village, Ged falls into a deep trance from which no one can wake him up. The villagers all try to help hum but he remains in the same state until another wizard shows up and heals Ged. The image invoked here, of a young man almost killed by magic shows that sometimes, power can be dangerous and that it can affect the lives of those who possess it in ways they could never imagine.

Sleeping in the rain

One of the first lessons Ogion taught Ged is that a wizard must be one with the nature and with its environment. Because of this, Ogion refuses to use his powers to control the rain or to control the weather in general. After Ged arrived on the island where he was to be taught magic, he continued to sleep in the rain. This image is important because it shows that Ged understood the necessity of being one with the nature and that he had no troubles connecting with the environment.

Scared face

In an effort to impress his peers, Ged invokes the a spirit from the underworld once. The spell is however too powerful for Ged to control and the spirit attacked Ged, leaving a scar on his face. Ged recovers slowly but the scar remains on his face. The scar is a visual representation of the dangers of using magic and the idea transmitted through this image is that if someone used magic without thinking clearly, they may end up suffering dire consequences.

Low Torning

The first village Ged is sent to is Low Torning, a small village built on various islands and placed in an idyllic setting. The fifth chapter offers a detailed description of the little town and presents it as a beautiful place to live in. The description of the town is important because it visualizes the way Ged wanted to live and it showed the reader the type of life Ged wanted to have.

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