A View From the Bridge

A View From the Bridge Imagery

Imagery: Marco and the chair

Marco bending down and hoisting the heavy chair over his head as he stares triumphantly at Eddie is extremely evocative, as it reveals Marco's strength and willingness to defy Eddie. It foreshadows their violent conflict later.

Imagery: Eddie's kisses

One of the most stunning images in the play is that of Eddie suddenly grabbing and embracing Catherine, then, as Rodolpho is protesting, kissing him as well. It stuns the audience/reader because it is a moment of irrational passion, evincing Eddie's true feelings for Catherine and perhaps alluding to some deeply-buried homosexual impulses of his own.

Imagery: Marco spitting

When Marco breaks away from the immigration officer to spit on Eddie and scream at him, it is a raw and powerful image of primitive justice and fury.

Imagery: Eddie dying

Miller saves the most dramatic moment for the end: when Marco turns Eddie's own knife on him and stabs him, causing Eddie to fall and die in Beatrice's arms. It is an image of classical power and pathos.